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        列表 明細
        薪資: 面議 經驗:2年以上 企業類型:國際高端酒店/5星級
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿

         Job DescriptionTo ensure effective analysis of food costs by commenting on variances between potential and actual food costs, analysis recipes, yields and portioning of orders and recommending accordingly.To analyze food & beverage sales by comparing detailed food and beverage sales information. Computing daily cost percentage by Food & Beverage Department, and preparing various analytical reports as required. To contribute to food & beverage profits by providing information on food costing and participating in the pricing of menu items as required. To contribute to inventory control by overseeing proper record-keeping of inventories on raw materials purchased, ensuring regular inventory checking and assisting in the review and improvement on inventory control systems. Directly supervises the receiving/issuing section, check and verify that the established procedures of receiving/issuing are adhered to in this areaInspects and extends all the food & beverage requisitions and transfers, and call for attention on any apparent over-issuingAssists the Food & Beverage Department in pricing, menu planning, and the actual control of cost.工作職責對食品成本進行有效的分析對比餐飲銷售明細分析銷售情況,計算餐飲每日成本率并根據要求編制各類分析表準備食品成本資料計算餐飲利潤并根據要求參與菜單定價監控存貨控制并確保提升存貨控制體系直接監督收貨及發貨,嚴格按照規定執行工作檢查監督所有餐飲申請單和轉移單,并對過多發放提醒注意協助餐飲部定價、菜單計劃和實際的成本控制 Qualification任職資格Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Accounting, Finance or related field. 3 years in hotel accounting or cost experience or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience.任職資格具有會計,財務或相關領域的學士學位或畢業證書三年酒店會計或成本控制相關經驗或與此相當的教育和相關工作經驗結合的背景。 

        薪資: 5.5千-6千 經驗:3年以上 企業類型:國際高端酒店/5星級
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿

        Support the overall strategic management of the credit section by establishing effective working relationships with colleagues, in particular the Director of Business Development, Director of sales , Revenue Manager, Director of Banquet & Conference sales and Accounts Receivable, Convert the entire hotels revenue into collected cash within the shortest agreed timescale through managing the credit control in a diligent and professional way.通過建立與同事,特別是業務發展總監,銷售總監,營收經理,宴會廳和會議銷售總監及應收帳款主管有效的工作關系,支持全方面的信貸戰略管理,通過專業的管理信貸控制,在最短的時間內,將整個酒店的收入轉化為現金。 1.      To maintain a high customer service focus by approaching your job with the customers always in mind and being proactive in a timely manner towards their needs and requests of customers.始終使自己的工作以顧客為核心,積極主動及時地對待顧客的需要和要求。           2.      To have a positive impact, taking personal responsibility and initiative to resolve issues, always clearly communicating with both customers and colleagues.承擔個人責任并主動解決問題,清楚地與客戶和同事溝通,以取得積極影響。3.      To be motivated and committed, approaching all tasks with enthusiasm and seizing opportunities to learn new  skills or knowledge in order to improve your personal performance.自我激勵和承諾,主動承擔所有工作并抓住機會學習新的技能或知識,從而提高個人業績。4.      To be flexible, responding quickly and positively to changing requirements including the performance of any tasks requested of you.對改變的要求能夠靈活,快速并積極響應,包括要求的任何任務。5.      To maintain high team focus by showing co-operation and support to colleagues in the pursuit of team goals.通過展示對同事的合作和支持,以團隊目標為追求,保持以團隊為重點。6.      To contribute ideas and suggestions to enhance operational/environmental procedures in the Hotel.提供意見和建議,以提高酒店的運營/環境程序。7.      To actively promote the services and facilities of the Hilton Hotels to guests and suppliers of the Hotel.積極推銷酒店的服務和設施給客人和酒店的供應商。8.      To perform all duties and responsibilities in a manner that ensures your safety and that of others in your workplace.執行所有義務和責任以確保工作中自身和他人安全。9.      To contribute positively to Equilibrium and Esprit by providing both guests and fellow team-members with courteous, hassle-free service and by seeking to always maintain a pleasant working environment.通過積極的態度提供禮貌和無障礙服務給客人和下屬員工,始終保持愉快的工作環境。10.    To conduct credit investigations so that an intelligent informed decision of a customers credit worthiness, character and ability to pay may be ascertained to justify extension of credit;進行信用調查,根據顧客信用度,特性和支付能力做出信用給予的決定。11.    To ensure the collection of accounts receivable is kept current and follow up closely on over-aged accounts.確保收取的應收帳款是當前的.密切追蹤超齡應收款項。12.    To maintain good relations with hotel customers including but not limited to wholesalers, corporate clients, hotel guests, travel agents, tour operators, function organisers, airlines, government etc.與酒店顧客維持良好關系,這些顧客包括并不限于批發商,企業客戶,酒店客人,旅行社,旅游經營商,會議組織者,航空公司,政府部門等。13.    To review supporting documents verifying the accuracy of the balance of receivables.審查支持文件,核實應收余額的準確性。14.    To recommend the write off of uncollectible accounts only after a comprehensive pursuit of outstanding monies has taken place.建議只有在全面地追討拖欠款項后仍無收到的,才能注銷不可回收的賬戶。15.    To report immediately any unfavourable information received affecting a customer’s credit standing so that appropriate action may be taken.應立刻報告影響顧客信貸的不良信息,以采取合理的行動。16.    To report directly to the General Manager and/or Director of Finance on all matters affecting credit and collection.向總經理和/或財務總監直接報告所有影響信貸和收款的事宜。17.    Ensure that all credit application forms are approved and updated annually.確認所有信貸申請表格每年被批準并更新。18.    To supervise the activities of the credit staff in order to achieve an efficient and effective performance of each individuals duties and responsibilities.管理信貸工作人員的活動,以確保每個人有效的工作業績。19.    To maintain an up to date Credit Manual and ensure that they are strictly adhered to and enforced.保持最新的信貸手冊,并確認他們被嚴格遵守和執行。20.    To work closely with the Accounts Receivable Supervisor and/ or Clerk to follow up on overdue accounts.與應收帳款主管和/或文員密切合作,跟進逾期賬戶。21.    To ensure that all collection calls have been made on a timely basis, documented in writing and followed up on a monthly basis.確保所有催款電話及時打出,書面記錄,并每月跟進。22.    To schedule credit meetings at least once a month.安排至少每月一次的信貸會議。23.    To ensure that the number of debtor days outstanding is within the acceptable range as stipulated in the policies and procedures manual.確認債務人未償還天數在政策和程序可以接受的范圍內。24.    Ensures that the month end processes are completed in a timely and accurate manner.確保月末關賬及時準確地完成。25.    Prepares all supporting documentation for monthly allowances and monthly journal vouchers relating to the receivables ledger.準備所有關于應收帳目的每月扣減和每月憑證的支持文件。26.    Ensures the timely and accurate entry of all credits to the various accounts.確保及時及準確的憑證貸計各帳戶。27.    Handles all customer queries in a timely and effective manner, using preventative rather than curative measures.及時并有效地處理所有客戶疑問,使用防止措施,而不是補救措施。28.    Pro-actively follows up on any outstanding accounts to ensure the hotel is protected from loss.積極主動跟進所有拖欠賬戶,以防止酒店的損失。29.    Prepares all necessary reports pertaining to accounts receivable.準備有關部門應收帳戶的所有必要報告。30.    Alert sister hotels on bad debts accounts information to avoid losses might be incurred in other sister hotels提醒姊妹酒店壞賬客戶名單,避免其他酒店遭受損失。31.    Processes and controls all sundry payments made by credit card.處理和控制各類信用卡付款。32.    Maintains an adequate and up to date filing system.維護足夠的并且最新的數據檔案系統。33.    Is flexible in relation to working hours, particularly around month end.靈活的工作時間,特別是在月末。34.    Handles all requests and enquiries in a timely, efficient and friendly manner.及時,有效,友好地處理所有要求和詢問。35.    Minimises the risks of accidents and workers compensation costs by ensuring the correct work practises are used and that the area is safe from hazards.確保正確的工作實踐及該工作區域的安全不受危害,使得意外的風險和員工賠償費用最小化。36.    To perform any additional tasks assigned to ensure that the hotel functions smoothly.執行一切額外的工作,以確保酒店職能順利運作。37.    Carries out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.完成任何其他合理的職責和被指派的職責。

        薪資: 2萬-3萬 經驗:5年以上 企業類型:國際高端酒店/5星級
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿

        This position Is responsible for all accounting and financial requirements for the Hotel in an environment of tight control. Providing financial support, advice and expertise to the General Manager and Hotel Team, with the aim of maximizing value. To develop the quality of the finance function within the Hotel.  To be an integral part of the 4D structure within the hotel, providing support and technical expertise to the other members of the team. Strong experience in dealing with Owner, Tax Officer and all other related.負責酒店所有會計和財務要求的嚴格控制. 為酒店利益最大化,向總經理及酒店團隊提供財務支持,建議及專業意見. 發展酒店財務質量. 作為酒店4D結構的重要組成部分,為團隊的其他成員提供專業意見及支持. 具有與業主,稅務官員及相關人員溝通的豐富經驗.Should posses the 9 key competencies – influence, communication, developing relationships, analyzing information, decision making, planning, commercial awareness, resilience and people management.擁有的9個核心競爭力: 影響力,溝通能力、發展關系、數據分析、決策、計劃、商業意識、應變能力和人員管理。Under each key focus area is a brief summary of the overall objective in the context of the position. This is followed by more detailed descriptions of roles and responsibilities.在每個主要控制領域下有一個對總體目標的簡要說明. 接下來是更加詳細的關于角色和責任的說明。 Financial Accounting & Control - Best practice financial accounting processes in a robust control environment.財務會計和控制 - 在健康的控制環境中實踐最佳的財務會計流程。1.      Overall management of the accounting records and financial reports of the hotel ensuring compliance with company, owner, statutory and fiscal requirements and timetables.全面管理酒店會計記錄和財務報告以確認符合公司,業主,法規和財政要求及時間要求。2.      Where applicable the above must include the accounts for Hilton International’s branch or subsidiary.如適用上述必須包括希爾頓國際的分公司或子公司的賬務。3.      Ensure that the balance sheet is a fair reflection of the assets and liabilities of the hotel. The balance sheet must be regularly reviewed and reconciliation’s performed of all accounts.確認資產負債表真實反映酒店的資產和負債. 資產負債表必須定期審查及進行所有賬戶的調節。4.      Ensure compliance with the management agreement with Hilton International, and any Owner / Lease agreement.確認遵循希爾頓國際的管理協議,以及所有業主/租賃協議。5.      Maintain a focused system of internal controls, which will provide an effective and efficient control over the hotel assets, liabilities, revenue and costs. Ensure compliance with company policy.維護一個內部控制的重點系統,這將提供一個有效的及的對酒店資產,負債,收入和成本的全面控制. 確保遵循公司政策。6.      Maintain control over the Hotel’s assets, liabilities, income and expenditure on behalf of both the Operator and Owner and provide management, leadership and accountability for the financial performance of the hotel.代表經營者和業主,保持對酒店資產,負債,收入和支出的控制,并對酒店的財務業績提供管理,領導和負責。7.      Ensure legal and tax compliance and that adequate insurance cover is maintained. Manage the pension scheme, where applicable, ensuring that adequate accounting, actuarial and legal controls are in place.確保遵循法律和稅收政策并保持足夠的保險保障. 管理養老金計劃,在適用情況下確保有足夠的會計,精算和法律控制。8.      Ensure valid permits and licenses have been obtained for such matters as importation, currency transfers and hotel operations (bars, clubs, casinos etc.). Take responsibility for the safekeeping and updating of all leases and contracts, which may affect the financial status of the hotel.確保為例如進口,貨幣轉移和酒店營運(酒吧,俱樂部,娛樂場所等)業務獲得有效的許可證和執照. 負責保管和更新所有會影響酒店的財務狀況的契約和合同。9.      Liaise and co-operate with both Internal and External Audit. Ensure that an effective programme of in-hotel audit is in place and that corrective action is promptly taken where required. Give particular emphasis to ensuring that all revenue is captured. Make use of a monthly control checklist.  Conducts interim self audits as required.與內部和外部審計聯絡合作. 確保有效的酒店審計程序已到位,并在必要時及時糾正. 特別強調確保所有的營業收入被記錄.使用月度控制檢查單, 必要時進行階段性自我審計。10.    Develop best practice financial accounting and control procedures. Financial reporting and control to be an area of continuous review and development with the aim of maximizing both impact and efficiency.開發財務會計和控制程序的最佳實踐. 財務報告和控制需持續審查和發展的領域,以達到影響和效率最大化。Management Reporting - Focused, innovative and balanced reporting that stimulates management action.管理報告 - 專注,創新和平衡報告以激勵管理行動。1.      Develop high quality management information and performance measurement that is timely, accurate. Reporting should be thought provoking and action oriented.制定高質量的,及時準確的管理信息和績效衡量. 報告應發人深省及面向行動。2.      Implement reporting that incorporates benchmarking, identification and measurement of key performance indicators, and use of the balanced scorecard. Reporting should not only look to historical performance within the hotel, but also outwards and forwards.實施報告應包含關鍵性能指標的基準,定義和衡量指標,并采用平衡記分卡。 報告應不僅反映酒店的歷史業績,并應反映外部及今后的內容。3.      Ensures corporate reporting is timely and accurate.  Ensures that all corporate reporting is internally consistent and that, inter alia, Datalink report, HLBFS Report, management reports, trends of operation reports, incremental conversion reports, profit and loss statements, balance sheets and cash flow reports reconcile to the trial balance.  Maintains proof of such reconciliations which are conducted each month.確保公司報告及時和正確. 確保所有公司報告與內部一致的,尤其,Datalink報告,HLBFS報告,管理報告,營運趨勢報告,逐步轉換報告,損益表,資產負債表和現金流報告與試算平衡表調節. 維持每月進行這些調節的依據。Business Support   -    Provision of the highest standards of financial and commercial support to the Business.營業支持 - 為經營提供最高標準的財務和商業支持。1.      Support and advice on financial and commercial matters to the General Manager and to the hotel team, including the interpretation of financial data.為酒店總經理和團隊提供關于財務和商業事項的支持和建議,包括解釋財務數據。2.      Review management information for the hotel and make proposals for the General Manager for value added initiatives. Where appropriate, play the “Devils Advocate” to challenge practices and proposals.審查酒店的管理信息,并為總經理提供有價值的建議.在適當情況下,挑戰實踐和建議。3.      Provide financial and commercial skills to support business development initiatives, major pricing decisions and other commercial decision-making.使用財務和商業方面的技能以支持業務發展計劃,主要為定價決策和其他商業決策。         Information Technology & Systems - Optimize the use of I.T. within the finance department to improve efficiency and information.         信息技術和系統 - 對財務部門信息技術的優化以提高效率和信息。1.      With Project Managers, support the implementation of financial systems in the hotel.與項目經理一起支持酒店財務系統的執行。2.      With the ISM ensure proper use and maintenance of financial systems, including adequate security and back up procedures.與ISM確保合理的應用和維護財務系統,包括足夠的安全和后備程序。3.      Acts as the guardian of the integrity of data flowing into the accounting system.  Ensures that control process is sound in systems that interface directly or indirectly with the accounting system.  Works with colleagues to ensure that errors are corrected at source and processes amended as required to eliminate rather than correct errors.作為財務信息系統數據輸入的保護人,確保直接或間接地與財務系統聯網的控制程序. 與同事合作,確保所有的錯誤在源頭得到糾正,并做相應修改以消除錯誤,而非糾正錯誤。4.      Continually develops the usage of financial systems in order to ensure highest levels of management reporting, processing and staffing efficiency and thereby return on investment.持續地發展財務系統的使用,以確保達到最高質量的管理報告,有效處理及安排員工,從而得到投資回報。         Investment - Optimizing returns on capital investment.         投資 - 優化資本投資回報。1.      Utilize project evaluation techniques to assist in directing investment to those projects which optimize returns both for the individual project and the enterprise as a whole.利用項目評估方法以協助直接投資的項目以優化個別項目和整個企業的回報。2.      Prepare annual capital plan and direct implementation of this plan; ensuring funding and necessary buying (eg. Owners) are in place so that the note can be kept at the highest possible standard.制定年度資本計劃并直接實行此計劃;確保資金和必要的購買(比如,業主)已到位,使其可以達到最高標準。3.      Prepare and review the AFE, ensuring financial accuracy and sound commercial and business judgment is applied to the process, and that authorization is obtained prior to commitment of the hotel to expenditure.制定和審查AFE,確保財務準確性,商業和判斷通過這一程序,并在酒店承諾支出之前得到授權。4.      Perform post investment audit on major capital investments.  Communicates results of post investment reviews within the management team and ensures actions are taken to learn from such results and maximize returns.對主要資本投資進行跟蹤投資審計. 與管理團隊交流跟蹤投資審查的結果,并確保對這些結果作出學習和借鑒并使收益最大化。5.      Ensure compliance with HI capital policy. Maintain proper control and recording of project spends.確保遵循HI資本政策. 對項目支出維持恰當的控制及記錄。6.      Where applicable, prepare review and be involved in the production of financials for new developments and acquisitions.在適當情況下,準備審查并參與為新的發展和并購產生的財務處理。         Looking Ahead - Operating against meaningful strategic plans and budgets with accurate forecasting.         展望未來 - 對重大的戰略計劃和預算進行精確預測。1.      Take a support role to the General Manager in hotel strategic planning. Particular emphasis on Master-Planning and “thinking outside the box” to identify value opportunities.支持總經理對酒店的戰略計劃. 尤其強調主要計劃及”外向思維”以確定商業機會。2.      Manage the formulation, review and approval process for budgeting within the hotel.管理酒店預算的編制,審查和批準程序。3.      Ensure a regular cycle of forecasting takes place within the hotel with content and detail appropriate to the needs of the operation.確保酒店預測根據酒店的需要定期更新。4.      Provides alerts to senior management and to Area office via regular forecasts, outlook reports or via ad hoc reporting concerning positive or negative trends in the business.  Works with colleagues and General Manager to ensure consistency and accuracy of communication regarding future trends in the business.  AVOIDS SURPRISES.通過定期的預測,展望報告或專門報告反映酒店的正面或負面趨勢,向高級管理層和區域辦公室提供警告.與同事和總經理合作,確保對企業未來趨勢的交流信息是一致并準確的. 避免意外。         Investment in People - Ensuring the best person in each job, in an environment of continuous development.         人力投資 - 在一個持續發展的環境中,確保每個職位的最佳人選。1.      Recruit and retain the best people for the job, especially at Assistant Controller level. Make use of succession planning to develop and replace individuals effectively. Establish and maintain good employee relations within the Finance Department.招聘和保留最佳人選,特別是助理財務總監級別的. 使用繼任者計劃以有效發展及更換個人。建立及維護財務部的員工關系。2.      Aim to maximize efficiency in the accounting department. We should aim for optimum staffing levels - in many cases this is not the case now. Recognize that a highly organized Accounts Office is often a sign of an efficient department.致力于會計部門效率最大化. 我們應當優化人員配備水平,在很多情況下這已經不是現在的情況. 認識到一個高度組織化的賬務部往往是一個有效部門的標志。3.      Develop the effectiveness of the hotel finance function through the ongoing training and development of the team. Lead and motivate the team to high levels of performance.通過不斷的培訓和團隊發展,提高酒店財務部門的有效性.領導和激勵團隊達到高水平的業績。4.      Ensure you manage to specific measurable objectives. Give regular feedback including appraisals.確保您管理詳細的可衡量的目標. 給予定期的反饋,包括評估。5.      Both the Director of Finance and Assistant Financial Controller should have a personal development plan.財務總監和助理財務總監應當有一個個人發展計劃。6.      Provide training to enhance the financial skills of the Management Team as a whole.  Utilize tools such as Hilton University.提供培訓以增強整個管理團隊的財務技能. 使用工具如希爾頓大學。         Cash & Working Capital - Optimize cash position in an environment of tight control.         現金和營運資本 - 在嚴格控制環境下優化現金狀況。1.      Minimize the level of working capital, with particular emphasis on the management of debtors, stocks and sundry receivables. Maximize interest earnings and minimize interest expense.減少流動資金,特別強調對債務人,股票和各種應收賬款的管理.最大化利息收益,并最小化利息支出。2.      Maintain accurate cash flow forecasts for at least one year ahead, and ensure adequate notice is given to Hilton, and to Owners, of any future cash requirements.維持提前至少一年的準確的現金流量預測,并確保希爾頓和業主收到足夠的關于任何未來現金使用的通知。3.      Ensure full reconciliation of all bank accounts on a weekly basis. The highest standards of control must be maintained over all cash and bank balances at all times.確保銀行賬戶一周調節一次. 在任何時候都必須對所有現金和銀行賬戶余額保持最高的控制標準。4.      The role of the Director of Finance is to establish robust credit control and credit management policies with the General Manager and the Director of Business Development within the guidelines set out by Group policy and following best practice principles – once established the Director of Business Development applies such policies and controls.財務總監的角色是與總經理和業務發展總監一起,根據集團政策設立的指南和最佳實踐原則,建立完善的信貸控制和信用管理政策- 一旦建立,業務發展總監應遵循此政策和控制。5.      It is the responsibility of the Director of Finance to ensure that controls over accounts receivable are being applied correctly and to take action to rectify any problems identified if they are not.財務總監有責任確保對應收賬款的控制被正確應用,并對問題采取糾正行動如果他們沒有做到。6.      The Director of Finance must review all accounts receivables with the Director of Business Development on a monthly basis and ensure that there are no recoverability issues.財務總監必須同業務發展總監一起審查所有應收賬款,并確保沒有可回收問題。7.      It is the responsibility of the Director of Finance to maintain an appropriate reserve for bad or doubtful debts.財務總監有責任為壞賬或呆賬保持適當的計提。         Cost Management - Support the operation to optimize efficiency of the cost base.         成本管理 - 支持營運以優化成本的效率。1.      Understand and measure cost drivers for the hotel. Utilize innovative analysis to stimulate thought and management action.理解并衡量酒店的成本. 利用創新分析,激勵思維和管理行動。2.      Ensure that adequate purchasing procedures are in operation so that purchases of goods and services are made in the most cost-effective manner.確保合理的采購程序運做,使得購買商品和服務是在最具成本效益的方式下進行。3.      Benchmark costs against other hotels. Identify cost reduction opportunities. Manage financial risks of the business.與其他酒店的基準費用對比. 找出減少成本的機會. 管理經營上的財務風險。4.      Set an example to the hotel by operating an efficient and cost effective finance department.經營一個有效的且有成本效益的財務部門,在酒店中樹立榜樣。         Additional Notes         其他注意事項1.      The Director of Finance has a direct responsibility to the General Manager of the hotel combined with a responsibility to the Regional FD for the maintenance of professional standards. In the rare event that this dual responsibility gives rise to a conflict, the matter must be referred to the Regional Ops VP and the Regional FD for guidance.財務總監直接對酒店的總經理負責并在維護專業標準上對區域財務總監負責.如雙重責任產生罕見的沖突時,必須根據區域營運副總裁和區域財務總監的指導。2.      The appointment,dismissal and transfer of the Director of Finance is made by the Regional Finance Director/Area VP Finance in consultation with the hotel General Manager. No changes to the remuneration package of any Director of Finance (or Assistant Controller) may be made without the written approval of the Regional Finance Director/Area VP Finance.財務總監的任命,解雇或調動由區域財務總監/區域財務副總裁與酒店總經理協商決定. 沒有區域財務總監/區域財務副總裁的書面批準,不得改變任何財務總監(或助理財務總監)的薪酬。3.      The Director of Finance has unlimited rights of access to all financial figures and facts of the operation. The Director of Finance exercising reasonable tact may visit any department to ask questions and make any study in fulfillment of his/her duties.財務總監擁有進入所有財務數據和經營事實的無限權利. 財務總監可以訪問任何部門提出問題并在其職責范圍內履行財務檢查。4.      The General Manager must consult the Regional Finance Director/Area VP Finance over the completion of any appraisal or Personal Development Review for the Director of Finance. Any bonus scheme for the Director of Finance must be agreed with the Regional Finance Director/ Area VP Finance in advance. 總經理必須咨詢區域財務總監/區域財務副總裁關于完成對財務總監的任何評估或個人發展審查的事 宜. 任何對財務總監的獎金計劃必須提前得到區域財務總監/區域財務副總裁的同意。

        薪資: 3千-4千 經驗:不限 企業類型:國際高端酒店/5星級
        地區:四川-遂寧 食宿:提供食宿


        薪資: 6千-7千 經驗:不限 企業類型:國際高端酒店/5星級
        地區:四川-遂寧 食宿:面議


        薪資: 1千以下 經驗:不限 企業類型:國際高端酒店/5星級
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿


        薪資: 3千-5千 經驗:3年以上 企業類型:全服務中檔酒店/4星級
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿

        崗位職責1. 執行主管的工作并報告工作。2. 負責名項材料物資明細賬的登記和核算。3. 負責對入庫單、進貨單與發票驗收單進行核對。發現差錯及時糾正,做到制單有依據,收、付賬手續齊全。4. 每月末編制進、銷、存月報,與一級賬核對,須知到賬賬相符,賬表相符,同時與倉庫實物進行核對,如有損益如實上報。5. 每月及時歸集記賬憑據,打印賬冊,裝訂存檔,妥善保存。6. 根據酒店綜合經營計劃,各部門物資申購計劃、消耗定額及實際消耗量、供貨方生產日期及實際消耗量、供貨方生產日期及實際庫存情況,會同采購部及各有關部門編制物資申購年度計劃和月底計劃。崗位要求1. 大專以上學歷,財經類專業,會計員以上職稱。有同崗位工作經驗3年以上。2. 掌握酒店成本核算和成本管理基礎知識。3. 具有核算賬務處理能力。4. 熟練使用電腦辦公自動化軟件。

        薪資: 4千-6千 經驗:1年以上 企業類型:全服務中檔酒店/4星級
        地區:全國-全國 食宿:提供食宿

        崗位職責簡述:(工作地點 :雷克泰國際酒店常州北站店財務部  )1、負責門店的會計核算工作,承擔相應的財務管理職責。2、 規范會計基礎工作和核算流程,認真審核原始憑證,正確編制記帳憑證,準確登帳。3、 依據門店管理制度實施財務監督,對超權限的,在得到相應授權后方可辦理財務手續。4、  負責往來款項的對帳并加強欠款的催收工作。5、  嚴格費用單據的審核,按規定進行費用控制。規范費用業務的帳務處理,開展費用分析。6、  按門店核算制度規定進行固定資產折舊、福利費、工會經費、教育經費、預提費用、及各項準備的計提,以及待攤費用的攤銷。7、領導交辦的其他事宜職位要求:1、會計工作經歷一年以上優先2、會計職業資格證優先3、認真負責,責任心強

        薪資: 8千-1萬 經驗:5年以上 企業類型:游樂園
        地區:全國-全國 食宿:提供食宿

        任職資格:1.專業人員職位,在上級的領導和監督下定期完成量化的工作要求,并能獨立處理和解決所負責的任務;2.協助財務預算、審核、監督工作,按照公司及政府有關部門要求及時編制各種財務報表并報送相關部門;3.審計合同、制作帳目表格,財務、會計專業大專以上學歷,持有會計證;2年以上財務會計工作經歷;4.熟悉會計報表的處理,會計法規和稅法,熟練使用財務軟件;5.良好的學習能力、獨立工作能力和財務分析能力;6.工作細致,責任感強,良好的溝通能力、團隊精神。Qualifications: 1. A position as a professional who regularly completes quantitative work requirements under the leadership and supervision of his superior, and can independently handle and solve the tasks he is responsible for; 2. Assisted in the audit and supervision of the financial budget, prepared and submitted various financial statements to relevant departments according to the requirements of the company and relevant government departments; 3. Prepare accounting form for audit contract, major in financial accounting, college degree or above, with accounting certificate; At least 2 years working experience in financial accounting; 4. Familiar with the processing of accounting statements, accounting laws and tax laws, and proficient in the use of financial software; 5. Good learning ability, independent working ability and financial analysis ability; 6. Meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills and team spirit。

        薪資: 8千-1萬 經驗:5年以上 企業類型:中式餐飲

        崗位職責1、對企業戰略投資作出風險預測、分析、預算;2、完善公司的股權結構及分配原則; 3、組織及審查公司的年度財務預算、決算; 4、根據公司的經營發展需要對公司的資金使用進行宏觀調控;5、對公司重大經濟合同、營銷、促銷方案進行事前財務審核分析;6、監督資金使用情況;7、主持成本、費用的管理及分析,負責成本、費用管理升級;8、根據公司的經營方針和計劃對企業的資金、成本、費用進行宏觀控制;9、代表公司總部協調與稅務局、會計師事務所、銀行金融機構、經濟團體之間的關系;10、代表財務部處理與公司其他部門關系的協調、溝通;11、組織財務人員,定期開展財務分析工作,考核經營成果,分析經營管理中存在的問題,及時向領導提出建議,促進企業不斷提高管理水平;12、負責本部門職工的思想教育和業務水平的提高,抓好本部門內部管理工作;13、具體領導公司的財務政策和財務管理制度的實施和運轉,主持公司財務全面工作;14、對公司總部及各地分公司的財務運作實行宏觀管理,制定和規劃公司的財務管理體系和會計核算體系;15、根據國家財務管理政策的變化和企業的實際情況,組織制定和完善企業財務制度和會計核算制度;崗位要求1.具有5年以上連鎖餐飲財務管理經驗;2.具有中級會計師以上職稱,熟悉連鎖餐飲帳務稅務流程。3.熟悉辦公軟件及財務軟件,熟悉銀行、銳務、工商的工作流程。4.能獨立核算企業的賬務工作,懂得相關法律法規。5.工作細致、嚴謹,具有較強的工作熱情和責任感,為人誠實可靠,品質正直,有吃苦耐勞的精神。

        薪資: 8千-1.5萬 經驗:5年以上 企業類型:國際高端酒店/5星級
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿

        1. Accounting & Taxation 會計及稅務1.1 To direct, coordinate and participate in all activities of accounting personnel including but not limited to: 指揮, 協調和參加會計人員的所有工作,這些工作包括但不限于:Preparing management reports, financial statements and related accounting reports.準備管理報告,財務報表和相關財務報告。Receiving, storing, issuing, accounting for, and controlling the costs of food, beverage and general supplies.食品、飲料、及總倉貨物的收貨、儲存、發貨、記錄以及控制。Requisitioning needed equipment, materials and supply.申請必需的設備、原料和供應品。Receiving, keeping and disbursing funds.資金的收入、保管及分發使用。Preparing, controlling and maintaining all vouchers and checks.編制、控制及保管所有帳簿及支票。Processing and approving all credit applications.處理及批準所有的信用申請。Auditing all revenue reports of the hotel.審計所有的酒店收入報告。Related data processing responsibilities.相關的數據處理責任。1.2 To ensure that all accounting reports and financial statements comply with the standards set by Corporate Office, in line with the Uniform System of Accounts for Hotel and in accordance with the Management Agreement. 確保所有會計報告及財務報表與集團標準相符,符合酒店業通用會計準則及管理合同的要求。1.3 To ensure the accurate and timely preparation and submission of all accounting reports and financial statements. To prepare, or supervise the preparation of monthly closing journal entries and balance sheet and profit and loss schedules. To scrutinize the monthly report, investigate unusual variations and prepare comments to be attached to the report.確保及時準確地編制和報送所有會計報告及財務報表。編制或指導編制每月的結帳、資產負債表及損益表時間。詳查每月報表,調查非正常差異,并表明意見作為報告附件。1.4 To compile, together with the General Manager and Heads of Departments, all budgets and forecasts covering all activities of the Hotel; maintain all budget control procedures and prepare cash flow projection; to administer all approved operating plans, including measurement of actual performances, reporting and interpreting operating results to Regional Office and General Manager.與總經理及部門經理一起編制酒店所有業務活動的預算及預測,執行預算控制制度并編制資金預測;監控所有已經批準的營運計劃,包括評估實際業績,向區域辦公室及總經理報告和解釋經營成果。1.5 To provide accounting data for management decisions.為管理決策提供會計數據。1.6 To ensure the accounting practices comply with the laws and regulations issued by local authorities.確保會計操作符合當地法律法規的規定。1.7 To analyze and interpret financial statements and accounting reports of the Hotel and individual outlets report to the management.向管理層分析及解釋酒店財務報表及會計報告,以及各部門的報告。1.8 To receive, safeguard and account for all cash, checks, bank deposits, accounts receivable, inventories, advances and investment of the Hotel.接收、保全以及記錄所有現金、支票、銀行存款、應收帳款、存貨、預付款和酒店投資。1.9 To account for all income and receipts of the Hotel from every source, including income from the sale of merchandise and services, rents, commission, deposits, prepayments and other sums received and unearned, collection of accounts receivable and advances, proceeds from sale of equipment and supplies, interest and exchange.負責酒店各種來源的收入,包括銷售貨物和服務產生的收入、租金、傭金、定金、預收款以及其他收入,收回應收帳款和借款,收回變賣設備及物料款,收回利息收入及貨幣換款。1.10 To verify and account for all debts and financial liabilities of the Hotel.核實和記錄酒店所有經營性負債和融資性負債。1.11 To develop, implement and administer credit and collection policies and  procedures that have been established.建立、實施及監控信用及收款政策。1.12 To ensure the maintenance of relevant accounting records and that all expenses committed and expended are properly accounted for. Also, to ensure cost effectiveness and control.確保妥善保管相關會計記錄,所有已發生的和會發生的費用得到正確的會計處理。同時,負責有效控制成本。1.13 To ensure the maintenance of all subsidiary records in connection with Inventories, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets etc.確保所有與存貨、應收帳款、應付帳款、固定資產等有關的輔助記錄得到妥善保管。1.14 To ensure the inventories taking of foods, beverage, operating supplies and operating equipment are conducted as scheduled.確保按照制定的時間表進行食品、飲料、營運物品及營運設備的盤點。1.15 To review and ensure proper procedures of purchasing functions and control including the approval of all purchases from the point of view of availability of duns, budgets, expenses coding.審核及實行適當的采購職能及控制,包括根據可行性、預算、費用編碼批準采購。1.16 To assist the Regional and Corporate Office in the preparation of their respective budgets and feasibility studies and whenever any financial information is required.協助區域及集團辦公室編制預算、可行性研究以及其他要求的財務信息。1.17 Administration of Hotel tax obligations, using the assistance of locally appointed auditors and tax experts.在當地的審計師及稅務專家協助下管理酒店的稅務事宜。2 Audits and Controls審計及控制2.1 To maintain internal control systems and procedures and continuous audits of all accounts, records and transactions.保持內部控制制度和系統,持續性地審計所有會計帳戶、記錄及交易。2.2 To maintain the standard system of internal control over cash and cash items.保持對現金及現金等價物進行內部控制的標準系統。2.3 To review all internal and external auditors’ report. Investigate points raised and submit report to the Regional and Corporate Office, outlining problem and corrective action proposed and taken.審核所有內部及外部審計報告。對報告提出的問題進行調查,并向區域及集團辦公室報送報告,列明問題及建議的改正措施。2.4 To submit timely all audit reports as required by Regional and Corporate Office.按區域及集團辦公室要求及時報送所有審計報告。3 Systems系統To administer the IR Department and to ensure that the Hotel’s automation systems and its software are fully utilized and properly maintained. 負責管理系統部及確保酒店自動化系統及軟件得到充分的利用和適當的維護。4 Administration管理4.1 To implement all Corporate Standard Operating Procedures after taking into consideration of local requirements and to assist the General Manager in the compilation of all departments’ written Local Standard Operating Procedures into the Hotel’s own In-house Operations Manual.結合當地的規定實施集團標準操作程序,協助總經理將所有部門書面制定的地方標準操作程序收集在酒店自已的操作手冊中。4.2 Responsible for obtaining the requisite licenses and permits from the appropriate government authorities. To maintain good relations with pertinent government agencies to facilitate the handling of such hotel functions.負責從相應的政府機構取得規定的各類執照和行政許可。與相關政府代理保持良好關系以利于處理與酒店相關的各項事宜。4.3 To ensure that all key control procedures, including guest safe deposit boxes and vault are correctly applied and adhered to.確保所有關鍵控制程序,包括客人保險箱管理等正確并一貫地得到實施。4.4 To understand thoroughly the terms and conditions of the Management Agreement and to ensure that all terms and conditions are adhered to.深入理解管理合同的各項條款,并確保所述條款得到執行。4.5 To administer all Hotel insurance by liaising with Owner, Regional and Corporate Offices and local appointed insurance agents in connection with proper insurance coverage.通過與業主、區域及集團辦公室、地方指定保險機構的溝通聯絡,管理酒店的保險事宜,保證適當的風險保障。4.6 To sign all contracts, other than sales contracts, jointly with the General Manager, ensuring that all terms are in compliance with the local laws, management agreement, corporate policies and sound commercial judgment. 與總經理一起簽定除銷售合同以外的所有合同,確保所有條款與地方法律、管理合同、公司政策相符,并符合合理的商業判斷。4.7 To seek assistance of locally appointed solicitors on legal matters and to advise the General Manager of applicable legal practices.在法律事宜上尋求地方指定律師的協助,以向總經理提出關于所適用的法律的建議。5 Staffing and Training人員管理及培訓5.1 To manage the staffing of the Accounting Department, liaising closely with Director of Human Resources and with approval of General Manager. Staffing management involves the selection, employment, supervision, transfer, review, promotion and dismissal of individual within the Accounting Department.通過與人力資源總監的緊密聯系,經總經理批準管理所有財務部員工。人員管理包括在財務部內部選擇、雇用、督導、調動、考核、提升以及辭通員工。5.2 To ensure that all accounting personnel have thorough knowledge of their job descriptions; job rotation within the Accounting Department is developed and to implement appropriate training programs in computing, accounting and finance in conjunction with the Training Manager and to develop department trainers in the Accounting Department.確保所有財務人員深入了解其工作職責,在財務部內部建立輪崗制度,與培訓經理共同建立和實施適當的計算機、會計及財務知識培訓。6 Others其他事項6.1 To respond to the changes in departmental functions as dictated by the industry, the company or the hotel.在行業、公司或酒店要求部門職能變化時,做出相應反應。6.2 To provide courteous and professional service and to maintain good working relationship with all hotel associates. 提供禮貌及專業的服務,與酒店員工保持良好的工作關系;6.3 To have a complete understanding of the hotel associate handbook and to adhere to the regulations contained therein. 對酒店員工服務守則有全面的了解,并遵守其中的規定;6.4 To have a complete understanding of the hotel policies relating to fire, safety and hygiene. 對酒店在防火、安全及衛生方面的政策有全面的了解;6.5 To carry out any other duties and responsibilities as assigned. 完成指定的其他工作和職責;

        薪資: 2.8千-3.5千 經驗:不限 企業類型:國際高端酒店/5星級
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:面議

        MAJOR FUNCTION 主要職能 :To ensure all hotel revenue are balanced, controlled, completely and accurately reported each day. 確保酒店每天的收入都被平衡的、受控的、完整準確的反應和報告。SPECIFIC DUTIES 工作任務 :? To check the previous day Night Audit process is properly completed, ledgers are balanced, system date changed, reports are generated and distributed to designated associates.檢查確認昨天夜審工作進程已完成,  賬務是平衡的, 系統日期已更新, 相關報告已發送給指定的同事。? To ensure all hotel revenue are accounted for and correctly posted保證酒店所有收入都被準確及時的入賬。? To investigate and report to Income Auditor any discrepancies during the night audit process.及時向日審主管反饋在審核夜審報告時發現的各種差異和異常情況。? To review the various reports on room operations, such as room segmentation, rates, occupancy etc. Investigate and check supporting documents for rate differences; approvals for house-use rooms and complimentary rooms.審核客房收益的相關報告及房費賬單,檢查如房型、房價、出租率等相關數據,檢查出現房價差異的相關支持文件。檢查自用房及免費房有沒有相關審批的申請表等。? To verify the F&B revenue to supporting documents such as event order, wedding package, tour group meal order etc.   核實餐飲收入的相關支持文件如宴會預訂單, 婚宴套餐、團隊用餐預訂單等。? To compile and distribute Daily Revenue Report, summaries, schedules etc. according to the format and information required by the Management.  根據管理團隊要求的格式和信息管理需要,編制每日收入報告、審計報表行政傳閱信封等。? To file and maintain proper records for reference and audit.根據賬務需要及審計要求留存和歸檔相關資料。

        薪資: 4千-6千 經驗:不限 企業類型:精品酒店
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿


        薪資: 3千-4.5千 經驗:不限 企業類型:精品酒店
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿


        薪資: 4千-5千 經驗:2年以上 企業類型:精品酒店
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿


        薪資: 3千-4千 經驗:2年以上 企業類型:精品酒店
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿

        1. 收集收銀員投款包并點款。2. 收銀員的投款有任何問題都要做差異報告。3. 跟進處理現金報銷和工資付款的審批進度。4. 發現有逾期未到賬的要及時通知應收帳人員。5. 所有的交易完成后要進行登記核算,每日發賬戶余額給財務主管。6. 收取員工和客人直接交來的現金。7. 做每日總出納報告并由日審和總會計師復閱。8. 每日請點并記錄總出納保險柜的備用金,保證賬實相符,任何差異,需立即上報財務經理9. 確保每日將營業款存入酒店賬戶。

        薪資: 4千-5千 經驗:2年以上 企業類型:精品酒店
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿

        1. 審核所有從餐廳、前臺等終端轉到后臺的應收賬是否正確且附有相應的支持文件。2. 管理信用卡單,與應收賬核對并遞交銀行。3. 確保收回的應收賬賬款體現在每日總出納報告上。4. 對所有預付款保持良好的管理和維護,并及時的與應收賬沖抵。5. 及時發出賬單或收款通知、月結單、催款信。6. 確保旅行社傭金及時的被處理。7. 階段性的及在月底對平應收賬余額和總賬應收賬余額。8. 完成所有其他應收的工作。

        薪資: 面議 經驗:5年以上 企業類型:

        崗位職責1. 建立健全各項財務管理制度,并落實執行;2. 建立健全酒店會計核算制度,并對會計核算、成本控制工作的進行指導監督;3. 負責酒店資金管理工作,編制酒店年度財務預、決算方案,資金使用和調度計劃,利潤分配或彌補虧損方案;4. 負責統計,分析酒店經營數據,并對酒店經營活動進行分析,提供有效的酒店經營管理意見和建議;5. 負責編訂審核各項財務報表及報告的及時性、準確性,向酒店總經理及公司匯報;6. 負責督促跟進稅務登記、申報及各項稅金上繳工作,加強與財政部門的業務聯系;7. 負責審核所有對外編報的數據及財務報表,配合各級內外審計工作開展;8. 負責組織制定完善采購管理及運作流程,并跟進執行情況;9. 建立對供應商的評審制度并組織實施,監控和評價采購物品的價格、數量、質量、供應時效、售后服務、信用政策并及時向公司匯報;10. 負責組織制定和完善倉庫管理制度及運作流程,監督落實公司資產管理;11. 負責組織制定和完善財務收銀管理規范及操作流程,并跟進執行情況。  任職要求1. 財務管理、會計、審計及相關專業、專科及以上學歷,熟悉企業經營管理工作;2. 有從事財務、會計或審計等相關工作3年以上的經歷,有酒店財務工作經驗優先;3. 熟悉財務軟件及電腦操作,具有會計從業證;4. 良好的團隊領導力、協作能力,優秀的溝通、分析能力,良好的職業道德。

        薪資: 3千-4千 經驗:不限 企業類型:國內高端酒店/5星級
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿

        崗位職責1.所有要收費的帳單或憑證送達前廳收銀處時, 核對賓客資料,進行入帳工作。2.為賓客辦理退房手續,并根據付款方式的指示,賓客收取現金、支票、信用卡等或進行掛帳。3.為賓客提供每天的外幣兌換服務。5.把所有的帳單和憑證分類及用計算器打印帶紙帶訂在帳單上,總數和電腦上的金額相同。6.根據酒店規定,上交所有現金收入及把其它帳單、信用卡及掛帳等帳頁交收銀主管保存,由她們轉交夜審。7.為賓客提供簡便、快捷的收款結算服務。崗位要求1.高中以上學歷2.2年以上收銀工作經驗,熟練操作收銀軟件系統。3.為人誠實,責任心強,具備一定的管理能力4.可以獨立完成崗位工作5.有良好的職業操守。

        薪資: 3千-4千 經驗:不限 企業類型:民宿客棧
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿

        瓦當瓦舍旅行酒店·環球金融城店位于環球中心世紀城會展商圈全新的旅宿文化貫穿整個酒店文化,旅宿文化整合機構行李旅宿集團旗下品牌。青年旅行文化酒店品牌,皆在為旅行者和新一代商旅客提供奇遇式的旅行社交體驗。酒店的城市文化客廳集主題活動區、餐吧、風物展區為一體的復合空間,為旅行者打造情景式的旅行生活場景,營造青年旅行者創意社區。瓦當瓦舍誠邀各位同行者和我們一起與世界奇遇!【崗位職責】1、負責日常賬務收支的核對和會計核算; 2、負責收集和審核原始憑證,堅持原則,保證各類報銷手續及原始單據的合法性、準確性; 3、負責準確錄入記賬憑證,認真編制各類財務分析報表,并保證數據的真實、完整、準確性,并按時完成; 4、負責記賬憑證整理、裝訂、妥善保存。按規定歸檔財務相關資料; 5、負責開具各項票據; 6、配合總會負責辦公室財務管理統計匯總; 7、做好與各部門之間的日常協調工作。 【任職要求】1、性別不限,1年以上工作經驗,具有酒店行業工作經驗優先; 2、工作踏實,認真,有原則,有良好的責任心; 3、能夠承受較大的工作壓力。

        薪資: 1.5萬-2萬 經驗:10年以上 企業類型:國內高端酒店/5星級
        地區:全國 食宿:提供食宿

        ----------------------------------------------------------職位描述Job Description確保嚴格執行相關會計,財務和信息系統規定及程序;高效并有效的執行日常監控系統,行政管理,報告體系,以及確保各部門職員技能達標;分析財務狀況,為其它部門領導提供財務數據支持,以幫助其制訂相應方案及監管措施,以此提升酒店業績。To ensure effective implementation of all Accounting& Finance and Information Systems Policies & Procedures,To implement an effective and efficient day to daycontrol system, administration, reporting system and transfer of skills in allrelated areas.To interpret financial results and work withrespective heads of departments to maximize Operating results, providing themwith tools for future planning and control._______________________________________________________________任職要求Job Requirements具有豐富的酒店財務管理、營運分析、成本控制的經驗和技巧;工作細致、嚴謹,具有較強的工作熱情和責任感;良好的中英文寫作、口語、閱讀能力;Strong budgetary and cost control skills. Strong integrity, team player and people orientedmanagementWorks effectively across the complex organizationand with external partiesGood communication skill in Mandarin and English._______________________________________________________________任職資格Qualifications35-50歲,會計、財務或相關專業大學本科以上學歷,持有國家注冊會計師證書者優先;Age range from 35-50 years old with Accountingdegree or Certified Public Accountant preferred._______________________________________________________________相關經驗Experience10年以上4星或5星級酒店財務工作經驗;具有2年以上國際品牌酒店相關工作經驗;2年以上國際品牌四、五星級酒店財務總監/財務副總監經驗;具有新酒店籌備開業經驗者優先。Minimum 10 years financial working experience withthe 4/5 stars international hotel; Minimum 2 years as a hotel Financial Controller in4-5 stars international hotel.Hotel Pre-opening experience will be advantages.

        薪資: 1萬-1.5萬 經驗:8年以上 企業類型:
        地區:全國-全國 食宿:提供食宿

        崗位職責:1.編制上報各種財務報表,提供各種財務數據,上交各種稅費。2.審核當月員工的工資匯總表和記帳證。3.根據酒店支付情況隨時向酒店方和管理公司提供分析報告,控制費用開支,不超預算。4.做好各項稅收的申報和交納工作,填制營業稅、流轉稅、個人所得稅等申報表并按規定時間申報交納。 崗位要求:1.大專畢業,具有3年以上財務管理經驗或5年能上四星級酒店財務工作優先 。2.具有中級會計師以上職稱從優,熟悉酒店帳務稅務流程。3.熟悉辦公軟件及財務軟件,熟悉銀行、稅務、工商的工作流程。4.能獨立核算企業的賬務工作,懂得相關法律法規。5.工作細致、嚴謹,具有較強的工作熱情和責任感,為人誠實可靠,品質正直,有吃苦耐勞的精神。工作范圍:全國項目酒店

        薪資: 1萬-1.5萬 經驗:10年以上 企業類型:
        地區:全國-全國 食宿:提供食宿

        Job Description:1. Familiar with financial management for the hotel pre-opening period, to run properly the    financial processes according to the group financial management procedures.2. Establish the financial team to provide relevant professional indicators and training.3. In charge of making financial initial working plans and hotel annual budget proposals with    the accordance of the group requirements.4. Strict and systematic management on hotel properties.5. Provide overall analysis of hotel financial situation, and responsible for cost control. Requirements:1. Accounting or Finance related major, associate degree or above. The national CPA        certificate holder is preferred.2. At least two years consecutively working in the position of Financial Controller in 3-5stars    international hotel, with eight years relevant working experience.3. Extensive experience and knowledge on hotel financial management, operation analysis    and cost control.4. Meticulous and rigorous, with enthusiasm and sense of responsibility.5. Good English in verbal and writing. 職位描述:1. 熟悉酒店籌開財務管理工作,根據集團財務管理流程開展酒店籌開財務工作。2. 組建酒店財務部門,提供專業的工作指導和培訓。3. 制定部門階段性工作計劃,按照集團統一要求,制定酒店年度財務預算。4. 嚴格管理酒店資產。5. 對酒店財務狀況進行綜合分析、負責成本控制等。 任職要求:1. 會計、財務或相關專業大學專科以上學歷,持國家注冊會計師證書者優先考慮。2. 擁有八年以上相關職位的工作經驗,至少五年以上國際品牌酒店財務管理工作經驗,且曾連    續兩年擔任過3至5星級酒店財務總監/經理的職位。3. 豐富的酒店財務管理、運營分析及成本控制經驗及技巧。4. 工作細致、嚴謹,具有較強的工作熱情及責任感。5. 良好的中英文寫作、口語、閱讀能力。 

        薪資: 5千-6千 經驗:3年以上 企業類型:國內高端酒店/5星級
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿


        薪資: 1千-2千 經驗:不限 企業類型:國際高端酒店/5星級
        地區:四川-成都 食宿:提供食宿

        崗位職責1. 核對電腦應收賬,根據住店客人或團隊的訂房資料,檢查結算方式和結算憑證是否符合規定的要求,若有差誤。2.結算單,準確、及時地結轉電腦應收賬款,分門別類的登記和發送賬單。3.準確、及時地將各旅行社、商務公司等支付的款項轉到后臺。4.按有效的收款程序,包括付款通知書的寄送,向超信用期限或已過付款期的客戶催賬收款;5.及時催款,根據應收賬款不同的類型,按照不同的方法進行催收,嚴格控制掛賬期限。6.及時對有信貸優惠的各大旅行社和商務公司的業務進行溝通。7.協助部門領導完成相關工作。崗位要求1.大專以上學歷,財務或相關專業。2.具有良好的溝通能力和表達能力,對工作嚴謹、認真細致、責任心強。

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